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Sinclair releases the ZX Spectrum

In excess of 5 million sold

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The ZX Spectrum+ is released

Injection-moulded keyboard added

Spectrum 128k 128k image


The ZX Spectrum 128k released in Spain (1986 in UK)

3 Channel Audio, Midi, RS232 support and much more!

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The ZX Spectrum Vega Released

Featuring 1000 classic games

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The ZX Spectrum Vega+ Released

Gaming on the go with built in screen and improved software

Brief Update

Brief Update

GAMES: We are powering forward with old, new and replacement games – as well as finalising the boring but very necessary paperwork. It’s been time consuming but we promise you’ll all reap the rewards of your patience.

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Statement by Dr David Levy 18.4.17

Statement by Dr David Levy 18.4.17

We are aware that a number of known associates of the former Managing Director Paul Andrews and his business partner Darren Melbourne have been in touch with another fake "news story". Yet again, The Register is simply being used by Mr Andrews and Mr Melbourne in another attempt to damage a great project.

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Statement by Dr David Levy, Chairman of Retro Computers Limited 13/4/17

Statement by Dr David Levy, Chairman of Retro Computers Limited 13/4/17

The information on which The Register article is based is out of date. Paul Andrews, as Managing Director, was responsible for signing the original agreements with rights owners, but since his resignation on April 8th 2016 a number of our company's contracts and commercial arrangements have been changed.

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Shop Launch Offer!

To celebrate the launch of our new shop, we are offering the original ZX Vega and ZX Vega+ together for a limited time at the special price of just £199.99!

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