48k 48k Image


Sinclair releases the ZX Spectrum

In excess of 5 million sold

Spectrum+ 48k+ Image


The ZX Spectrum+ is released

Injection-moulded keyboard added

Spectrum 128k 128k image


The ZX Spectrum 128k released in Spain (1986 in UK)

3 Channel Audio, Midi, RS232 support and much more!

Vega Vega Image


The ZX Spectrum Vega Released

Featuring 1000 classic games

Vega+ Vega Plus Image


The ZX Spectrum Vega+ Released

Gaming on the go with built in screen and improved software

Boxing Clever...

Boxing Clever...

So here we go.....first preview of the proposed Vega+ box design. We have tried to stay true to the original "Speccy" design principles and we hope you like it.

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A couple of weeks ago Retro Computers Limited were the subject of an “investigation” by Gareth Corfield of The Register an article so well “fact checked” and researched it will no doubt win a Pulitzer or maybe it won’t.

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Well we have some really positive news…

Well we have some really positive news…

In the last couple of weeks we have been overwhelmed with offers of new games for our ZX Spectrum Vega+. So many impressive ones, in fact, that we’re working on replacing some of the games which have been withdrawn, with some of the brilliant new ones you’re going to love.

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Rolling on..... 

We just want to let everyone know that the Roll of Honour is now switched off and we are no longer taking names. We will be in touch directly with some of you in the coming days to make sure your name (or the person you want to be immortalised) is correctly spelt, this is our last chance and we cannot make corrections. There are also a couple of swear-y names which we can’t add for obvious reason. We are about to launch our new website and so it’s temporarily off line whilst we switch over… we hope to be back up and running later today. We have a whole new look and new branding. We’re sorry for the outage – and that the usual suspects are using our changeover to perpetuate panic. Please don’t believe the hype. We’re here, we’re not going anywhere - and your Vega+ IS real and IS coming to you. We’ve had a high volume of emails from and we’ll be getting back to genuine enquiries as soon as we can. We’ll have another update later today, including news about the user manual and further clarity regarding delivery. Please stay tuned. In the meantime, quoting the wonderful Terry Pratchett ““A lie can run round the world before the truth has got its boots on.” 




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