Download The Latest Software

We will continue to improve the software in your Vega and will, from time to time, make new versions available for download. This guide tells you what you need to know.

This guide explains what you need to be able to download and prepare the latest software for your Vega.

What do I need?

The Vega software upgrades are compressed into the popular “zip” format to make downloading them quicker. You will need a tool to be able to unzip compressed files. Most computers are equipped with the tools necessary to uncompress zipped files.

You need enough disk space to be able to downlaod and unzip the file.

You will need a compatible micro SD card to transfer the software to your Vega. Which cards are compatible is described by our SD card guide, and the software installation process by our installation guide.

Vega Firmware 0.1.64 Changelog v0.1.64 (2015-09-09)

Fixes a rare stability issue with few units
Added output of existing firmware version
Improved some game configurations