Software Upgrade for Vega and Vega+ Games Console Range - Entirely New Firmware

Retro Computers Ltd is delighted to announce a forthcoming upgrade of entirely new software for the company's Vega games console range. The development work, which is in an advanced state, is being carried out by Private Planet Ltd, the London based cloud computing and leading edge development company. The CEO of Private Planet, Dr Janko Mrsic-Flogel, is also the Technical Director of Retro Computers Ltd.

A whole new Crystal Kingdom Dizzy

Evgeny Barsky aka Dr. Bars is working on a new version of Crystal Kingdom Dizzy. He's planning to exterminate all problems that accompanied original Crystal Kingdom Dizzy released by Codemasters like very unnatural Dizzy movement (for Speccy users, of course), missing animations, unfinished graphics etc.

Sir Clive Sinclair teams up with Father Christmas!

Retro Computers Ltd are pleased to announce not only their on-going Xmas Golden Vega promotion, in which every week for the 12 weeks of Clivemas they are placing a Golden ticket in retailers Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega stock, to allow buyers the chance to win a Golden Vega, but are also proud to announce the launch of their Christmas themed advert as well.

Didaktik, die Spectrum-Klone aus dem Osten

Auf diversen Spectrum-Treffen stolperte ich über einen Spectrum-Klon namens „Didaktik Gama“, den Gäste aus der Tschechei/Slowakei mitgebracht hatten. Durch Zufall erfuhr ich, dass eines der ZX-Team Mitglieder einen Gama daheim hat, diesen aber nicht benutzt und mir verkaufen würde – ich sagte gleich zu.

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