Brief Update

GAMES: We are powering forward with old, new and replacement games – as well as finalising the boring but very necessary paperwork. It’s been time consuming but we promise you’ll all reap the rewards of your patience.

ROLL OF HONOUR: The Roll of Honour email is coming at you this week. Please log into your account to confirm all of your details are up to date as we cannot be responsible for wrong ones. And if you have chosen a ‘rude’ name, or you no longer go by a name previously chosen, give this some thought as once it is locked it is locked, and it’s very difficult to change.

If you have more than one pledge, or you purchsed a bundle, you can have a different name for each Vega+ you have chosen.

DIZZY: A few weeks ago the Vega+ team went to Nottingham to celebrate 30 years of something very special called Dizzy. Back in 1987, Philip and Andrew Oliver unleashed Dizzy upon the world, a lovable egg that would go on to become one of Europe's most popular videogame characters. After thirty years, millions of sales, and countless number one selling games later, the Oliver Twins teamed up with the National Videogame Arcade to hatch plans (you see what we did there ) for a special new exhibition and a series of events to celebrate the 30th anniversary.

Whilst at Dizzy’s celebration, we gave Vega+ consoles to some world-class games developers we’d arranged to meet, as well as to some of the launch party backers who also attended our own Vega+ launch and factory visit in Beeston last October. Feedback was consistently overwhelming - and we have no doubts at all that you’ll be more than happy when your Vega+ (finally) arrives.

DELIVERY: The red hot question on everybody’s lips (and fingertips). We’re working towards a new delivery date. For everyone upset that we’ve been unable to give a concrete date yet, we’ve been holding off as we don’t want to do is give you a date which might move again. And we cannot give a release date that can be sabotaged by those very, very, very busy third parties no longer attached to the project. Just stay tuned here and please keep the faith. We all want the same end game; you get your Vega+ and we all win.
We are sorry we didn’t update you last week as planned – we will do our best to update more regularly from now on. .

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