A couple of weeks ago Retro Computers Limited were the subject of an “investigation” by Gareth Corfield of The Register an article so well “fact checked” and researched it will no doubt win a Pulitzer or maybe it won’t.

Not since the Sunday Sport claimed “A Giant Sprout from Outer Space Ate My Friend” have we seen such in-depth analysis and unbiased reporting.

Yesterday, our freelance web designer and web-host was approached for a comment by Gareth Corfield, who he referred to incorrectly as RCL’Official Spokesperson.

“On 28 March 2017 at 11:48, Gareth Corfield <> wrote:

Hi Lee

A number of Vega+ backers have contacted me saying they have been
waiting, in some cases, months for refunds despite repeated requests.
They have shown me evidence of these repeated requests; copies of
messages sent to you that they say have gone unanswered.

Is RCL ignoring or withholding refunds from Vega+ backers who ask for
them? Why are backers going for months with repeated messages to you not
being answered?

I intend to publish at 1245 today. Your response, as the RCL company
spokesman, would be appreciated before then.


Gareth Corfield
The Register

London Newsroom: +44 203 770 3147
Direct: +44 203 752 2944
Situation Publishing Ltd. 12-16 Laystall Street, Clerkenwell, London

Lee copied me into that email and replied as followed.

On 28/03/2017 11:53, Lee Fogarty wrote:

Another "fact check" Gareth? As you well know, I am not employed by RCL nor am their official spokesman, and I don't receive emails or any correspondence for RCL. Do some homework ffs.

Gareth further added

On 28 March 2017 at 15:20, Gareth Corfield <> wrote:

Hi Lee and Suzanne
We were looking forward to receiving a comment from you. Accordingly, I am prepared to push back publication to 10am tomorrow if that gives you enough time to formulate a response. Please let me know.
If we do not receive a response from either of you by then, we will run the story regardless.

So guess what? The story went live before 10 am this morning depriving us of our lawful right to reply.

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