The ZX Spectrum Vega is quick and easy to connect to your television. It requires no batteries and normally no additional power supply.

Connecting to your television

The cable connected to the Vega has four plugs and the end for connection to your television, colour coded for convenience.

  1. Turn off your television.
  2. Connect the red, white and yellow plugs to the correspondingly coloured connections on your television. These will usually be located on the back or side panels.
  3. Plug the black USB plug into an available USB socket on the television. This is how the Vega gets its power.
  4. Turn on your television and, using its controller, select the input source that has the Vega connected. Typically this input will be given the designation AV.

My television has no USB socket

Some older televisions do not provide USB sockets. If this is the case, then any standard USB charger that will deliver a minimum of 300mA of current may be used.

I have a US television and the picture is truncated

No problem. If you press and hold button 1 while you press and release the reset button R, until you see the “ZX Spectrum Vega” screen, then the Vega will enter US television mode.