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Okay all you Speccy techy lovers, this one’s for you.  The new Vega+ uses a version of FUSE - the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator, developed by Philip Kendall. The particular version of FUSE we’re using doesn’t run with UNIX, but runs under Linux.  A huge amount of work by our superstar Vega+ software team has gone into this development to squeeze Linux and FUSE into the available memory space on the Freescale SOC (system on a chip). This lies at the very heart of the Vega+ hardware.

For the less tech-orientated (and that’s most of us), what the FUSE emulator does is make the Freescale SOC behave just like the original Spectrum hardware, so games and other software written for the Spectrum will run beautifully on our hardware.  

The project was started in 1999 and is regarded as the very best Spectrum emulator available - partly because it offers such a wide and very accurate range of Spectrum features.  

Retro Computers Ltd want to pay huge tribute to Philip Kendall and the team at FUSE for their outstanding hard work on FUSE over the years ….. and for making it available as open source software for anyone to use. We will of course comply with all of the terms of use. 

Also, keep a look out for ROLL OF HONOUR email... 

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