Update 25/11/2016

At our backer launch at SMS¹s Electronics' factory in Beeston on October 20th, we showed the Vega+ for the very first time. We were able to demonstrate the working electronics for the first time. Some of the guests at the reception were expert Spectrum games developers, and they enjoyed playing some of the games (usually their own!) for the first time on a portable Spectrum device.

In early November we presented the first completed units of the Vega+ at the WIRED2016 event in London.  The reception there amazed us because it turns out that the Vega+ was very popular with the many youngsters who tried it.

Previously we had expected our market to be mainly people who remember the Spectrum from their youth and have a nostalgic pull towards our product for that reason.  But it was the young people at WIRED2016  NEXT GENERATION who mostly monopolised the Vega+ units we showed there. Youngsters who were brought up on other games platforms know intuitively how to pick up play the games, and they can start to do so within a few seconds of picking up the Vega+.

Assembling and playing with these first units we identified an improvement we believed was essential to the Vega+ gaming experience. An improvement that would make the feel of the product far better, including a correction in the design of one of the buttons making it more robust and able to withstand the rigours of extended game-play.

This change has caused a brief delay while we improved the product and we have now completed the necessary revisions.  We have also produced the first batch of custom made modified buttons and will be spending the next few days manufacturing units, using the already completed electronics and the newly modified buttons. As soon as we have completed the necessary tests to ensure that the revised Vega+  is now perfect, we will be able to announce our delivery schedule.

So to be clear the product and gorgeous designs that you have already seen remain unchanged.  It is purely to do with the response time and durability of one of the components.  We know that you all want to know a delivery date, and we really want to ship to you ­ but the most important thing to us is making sure that the Vega+ is as brilliant as you deserve it to be.

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