Legal Notice ­- Darren Melbourne

Through our lawyers we received a request from Mr Darren Melbourne that we remove from the Vega+ the two games he contributed to the original Vega ­product.

We were pleased to comply with Mr Melbourne's request that “his games” "Hades Nebula" and "Kick off" would not feature in the Vega+.

Mr Melbourne has since made contact on numerous occasions via our lawyers to confirm that he does not in fact own the rights to “Kick Off”.  We believe this to be true.

Mr Melbourne was sent a statement in relation to ‘Kick Off” games by former MD Paul Andrews in February 2016. At no point up until the publication of the notice on the 10th October, 2016,  did Mr Melbourne advise us that he is
not in fact the lawful owner of the game “Kick Off”

Darren Melbourne is also one of Paul Andrews¹s and Chris Smith’s co-shareholders in a company called Retro Games Ltd, not to be confused with Retro Computers Ltd, and it was set up with the aim of developing, manufacturing and marketing a retro version of the Commodore 64 computer. That company was set up in August 2015, by Paul Andrews, from the Luton offices of Retro Computers Limited.
Mr Melbourne is a 25% shareholder in that company, and currently its sole Director.

Mr Melbourne has also set up a new company Games Collector Limited with Mr Paul Andrews’s daughter Sara Ellingham nee Andrews.

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