Vega+ Production and Overview 2016.

We had hoped to post an update a few days ago. Unfortunately, we have been swamped working on the improvement to the Vega+ we previously told you about. The testing has proved to be slightly trickier than previously suspected and the new buttons caused all sorts of additional issues - they really were a pain in the buttons!

Update 25/11/2016

At our backer launch at SMS¹s Electronics' factory in Beeston on October 20th, we showed the Vega+ for the very first time. We were able to demonstrate the working electronics for the first time. Some of the guests at the reception were expert Spectrum games developers, and they enjoyed playing some of the games (usually their own!) for the first time on a portable Spectrum device.

Update 9/11/2016

Well, as you know, we recently announced we'd be delivering the hugely anticipated Spectrum Vega+ very soon.  And as those of you who know our work are already aware, delivering people the highest quality “Speccy” product to best honour the Sinclair legacy is paramount for us.

Sinclair Backed ZX Vega+ Goes Live for the first time at WIRED2016 and WIRED NEXT GENERATION 2016

Prepare to abandon your comfort zone, discover some of the world’s most disruptive minds and explore the trends of tomorrow – WIRED’s annual two-day conference is back. The Retro Computers team are at the WIRED2016 and WIRED NEXT GENERATION event for the next two days at London’s Tobacco Dock, presenting the Spectrum Vega+  as part of WIRED2016’s infamous Test Lab, we are presenting to the public for the first time (yes folks it's real, it's alive and very well - and we're releasing more on that over the next couple of days)

RCL Honoured To Be Recognized For Donation to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital

It's not every day we at Retro Computers get to be part of something much bigger than ourselves, but the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity is number one on that list - personally as well as professionally. Amit Aggarwal, Director of Corporate Partnerships, said: "On behalf of everyone at Great Ormond Street Hospital Children¹s Charity, I'd like to thank Retro Computers for their generous donation of £20,000 to the charity. Their support will help us make a difference to patients and families across the UK."

Legal Notice ­- Darren Melbourne

Through our lawyers we received a request from Mr Darren Melbourne that we remove from the Vega+ the two games he contributed to the original Vega ­product.

We were pleased to comply with Mr Melbourne's request that “his games” "Hades Nebula" and "Kick off" would not feature in the Vega+.

Last Chance to Have Your Name Permanently Immortalised in the ZX Vega+

The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ to give our product its full name, comes complete with 1,000 licensed games built-in and is currently available via the InDemand phase on Indiegogo, will launch on the 20th October. Shortly before that, on the 19th October, the Roll of Honour will be frozen, and you will no longer be able to pledge to have your name or the name of a loved one permanently etched in retro computer gaming history.  You will still be able to purchase a Vega+ via the IndieGoGo InDemand phase, but from the 19th October onwards we will no longer be adding names of backers to the list.

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